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“Spring Flowers” on a gourd

Painting on a gourd by Yovette 
It was during another hunting trip in Oregon last fall that I started this project. The weather had been exceptionally beautiful and flowers were still in bloom. I used acrylic Paint to start this project and a dried gourd that my sister had given me. I began by dabbing on cool colors of paint in no particular order. I just needed a base coat.
Spring flowers gourd 1
While that dries, often times before I start a new project such as this gourd I will sketch or paint out some ideas on paper. I will gather all of my materials along with either wax paper or butchers paper And just play to see what I come up with.
Spring flowers gourd 2
Once I like what I have created on paper, I am ready to get started on the gourd. Using water miscible paint over the acrylic paint makes a surface that is easy to work with. Water miscible is an oil based paint that cleans with water. It sticks to acrylic very nicely. I started with a green background for foliage, and added flowers to the center.
Spring flowers gourd 3
The final photo shows added flowers, buds and a butterfly. Once completed the gourd is sprayed with a varnish to give it shine and protection. Gourds are a bit hard to paint on because they are so smooth But it is a good challenge.
Spring flowers gourd 4
I was not sure I would like the Water Miscible paints, but after playing with them for a while, I decided they were pretty nice. You can view more paintings on my website at http://www.mymagicbrushes.com
Have a blessed day!     

Paintbrush To The Rescue!

Every fall, it’s hunting time in Oregon. Time to get out the guns, and dress in clothing that looks like the forest, all to be able to catch an elk off guard that ends up on the dinner table. This fall hunting trip was no different other than we were not using guns. Instead, a camera was in hand.

During the day, my husband and I went on many walks and saw nothing but an occasional bird, a squirrel, or some other little critter. Some hunting years are just that way. That gets pretty boring after a few days, so in between walks, I got out my trusty old paintbrush to see what I could create. I had on old, well it wasn’t really old, in fact it was a new shirt that I accidentally spilled something on and could not get the stain out. My sister suggested that I just take a paintbrush to the t-shirt and paint something pretty over the stain.

I am partial to flowers most of the time, so I got out my sketch pad, a palette, some paint and my paintbrushes. I started sketching an idea, decided I liked it, so I put it on my shirt and I am so happy with it! We didn’t get any elk on this years hunting trip, but I am pleased with a new looking Original T-shirt. A photo of the result is below. I have more on my website about the t-shirt http://mymagicbrushes.com/ along with other artwork. Please visit and look around. 

Wishing you Happy Holidays. Blessings Yovette

T-shirt 1

T-shirt 1

Sneak Peek #7

Just in case you missed my Sneak Peek #7, I have placed the photo below. The title is “Arrival of Spring.” This scene takes place on a warm spring day in Alaska, when the flowers are in full bloom, and a moose is standing in the water cooling off. (Click on photo to enlarge)

Arrival of Spring

I have taken photo #7 off of my website to make room for the new Sneak Peek #8 painting titled “Palm Trees in Mexico.” You can follow along with me while I paint and watch my step by step photos. View it at My Magic Brushes.

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