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Mischievous Bear Cubs

Living in Alaska part time, I love the wildlife there. It is quite normal to see bears and their cubs in the wild. But in the last few years, it has become quite normal to see bears in the city too. Sometimes when my husband and I are out driving around in the country, we will just stop the car and watch little cubs playing and climbing trees, or mother bears rolling around in the grass and grazing on luscious foliage.

This is my 20th Sneak Peek painting. I enjoyed this painting because of the bright colors and interesting mountains. Painting wildlife is difficult for me but I keep pushing myself because I really do love it. If you would like to see the steps I took to paint this, visit my website, mymagicbrushes.com and click on the Sneak Peek page.

Have a fabulous day, and blessing, Yovette

Mischievous Bear Cubs

Mischievous Bear Cubs


Fur Rendezvous Alaska, Art work 2nd place

Fur Rendezvous is over for 2013, and what a week it was! There were activities all over town, and our Anchorage Senior Center was one of the most active. One of those activities was the Art Snow which lasted a week and I am thrilled to say that I took second place in the oil and acrylic division. My paintings were titled “Cooking Lessons” which took the ribbon, and “Going Home” one of my personal favorites. When the show was over, we had a Meet the Artist day when people could meet and talk with the artists. Great food and Dessert was served. We all had a great time!

Photo of Artwork

Photo of Artwork

Not only did they have the art contest at the center, they also had a seafood buffet, Pioneer Dinner Stories, clothing contests, stamp show, scale model exhibition, swap and shop, and much more. I think it must be the busiest week of the year and one of the most fun!

You can view the painting “Going Home” in progress on my website www.mymagicbrushes.com this week. Just click on the Sneak Peek page. It’s something fun I do so that people can follow my artwork step by step.

Have a blessed day! Yovette

Sneak Peek #16 The Old Waterwheel


The Old Waterwheel is my Sneak Peek #16. It was great fun doing this painting because it started out as a summer painting with an all green and brown background.Then after the under painting was done, I decided that up here in Alaska, it is winter! So I completely changed my original thought, and it became a winter scene.

You can view this and many more paintings on my website mymagicbrushes.com
Have a blessed day, Yovette

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Sneak Peek Painting #14 Buffalo on the Point

Sneak Peek #14, Buffalo on the Point was a fun painting to do because it was not ordinary. It was not painted on a canvas, it was done on a rock. The finished painting is sitting in my greenhouse in Alaska, a perfect place for it! 

The idea come from being at our summer cabin, and watching the buffalo come down the hills to give birth to their young. They do this every spring and then head back up to the mountains in the fall. There are usually around 50 or more of them.

This painting is done in acrylic, and not for sale. It is just for your viewing pleasure.

I have started a new sneak peek #15 on my website. You can read the story of each photo on the sneak peek page of my website at: http://www.mymagicbrushes.com  

You can also sign up for this blog in the upper right hand corner where it says “FollowBlog” and you will get a notification in your mailbox when I have added something new. Please feel free to share this site with your friends. Blessings Yovette.

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Kenny Lake Fair * Whoopee! I Won…

I was surprised and thrilled to learn that one of my paintings took “First Place” at the Kenny Lake Fair this past weekend. And not only that, it took “Best Painting Award” in the Acrylic Division! Color me very Happy!  See other Paintings on my website at MyMagicBrushes.com

Alaska Wilderness Outhouse  ***  (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

Ribbons on Painting Kenny Lake Fair

Ribbons at Kenny Lake Fair

Sneak Peek #7

Just in case you missed my Sneak Peek #7, I have placed the photo below. The title is “Arrival of Spring.” This scene takes place on a warm spring day in Alaska, when the flowers are in full bloom, and a moose is standing in the water cooling off. (Click on photo to enlarge)

Arrival of Spring

I have taken photo #7 off of my website to make room for the new Sneak Peek #8 painting titled “Palm Trees in Mexico.” You can follow along with me while I paint and watch my step by step photos. View it at My Magic Brushes.

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