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“Spring Flowers” on a gourd

Painting on a gourd by Yovette 
It was during another hunting trip in Oregon last fall that I started this project. The weather had been exceptionally beautiful and flowers were still in bloom. I used acrylic Paint to start this project and a dried gourd that my sister had given me. I began by dabbing on cool colors of paint in no particular order. I just needed a base coat.
Spring flowers gourd 1
While that dries, often times before I start a new project such as this gourd I will sketch or paint out some ideas on paper. I will gather all of my materials along with either wax paper or butchers paper And just play to see what I come up with.
Spring flowers gourd 2
Once I like what I have created on paper, I am ready to get started on the gourd. Using water miscible paint over the acrylic paint makes a surface that is easy to work with. Water miscible is an oil based paint that cleans with water. It sticks to acrylic very nicely. I started with a green background for foliage, and added flowers to the center.
Spring flowers gourd 3
The final photo shows added flowers, buds and a butterfly. Once completed the gourd is sprayed with a varnish to give it shine and protection. Gourds are a bit hard to paint on because they are so smooth But it is a good challenge.
Spring flowers gourd 4
I was not sure I would like the Water Miscible paints, but after playing with them for a while, I decided they were pretty nice. You can view more paintings on my website at http://www.mymagicbrushes.com
Have a blessed day!     

Sneak Peek Painting #14 Buffalo on the Point

Sneak Peek #14, Buffalo on the Point was a fun painting to do because it was not ordinary. It was not painted on a canvas, it was done on a rock. The finished painting is sitting in my greenhouse in Alaska, a perfect place for it! 

The idea come from being at our summer cabin, and watching the buffalo come down the hills to give birth to their young. They do this every spring and then head back up to the mountains in the fall. There are usually around 50 or more of them.

This painting is done in acrylic, and not for sale. It is just for your viewing pleasure.

I have started a new sneak peek #15 on my website. You can read the story of each photo on the sneak peek page of my website at: http://www.mymagicbrushes.com  

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Sneak Peek #13 “Mexican Courtyard”


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Sneak Peek #13 called Mexican Courtyard is now completed. It was a lot of fun to do this painting. To me, Mexico has always been such an interesting place. My sister and I had the opportunity to visit there many years ago, and we just loved it. There is a beauty there that is different from other places.

Mexican Courtyard was inspired by my good friend Angel. He likes pottery, so I wanted to see if I could incorporate that into something unusual. I found the adobe wall a most interesting subject to paint. Seems like adobe almost always has cracks and pieces falling out of it. I would like to do more of the Mexican courtyard type of paintings in the future. I have some new ideas that I am going to play with.

Mexican Courtyard   18×24   Acrylic   $350

You can read the story of each photo on the Sneak Peek page my website at: http://www.mymagicbrushes.com/

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Kenny Lake Fair * Whoopee! I Won…

I was surprised and thrilled to learn that one of my paintings took “First Place” at the Kenny Lake Fair this past weekend. And not only that, it took “Best Painting Award” in the Acrylic Division! Color me very Happy!  See other Paintings on my website at MyMagicBrushes.com

Alaska Wilderness Outhouse  ***  (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

Ribbons on Painting Kenny Lake Fair

Ribbons at Kenny Lake Fair

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