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Paintbrush To The Rescue!

Every fall, it’s hunting time in Oregon. Time to get out the guns, and dress in clothing that looks like the forest, all to be able to catch an elk off guard that ends up on the dinner table. This fall hunting trip was no different other than we were not using guns. Instead, a camera was in hand.

During the day, my husband and I went on many walks and saw nothing but an occasional bird, a squirrel, or some other little critter. Some hunting years are just that way. That gets pretty boring after a few days, so in between walks, I got out my trusty old paintbrush to see what I could create. I had on old, well it wasn’t really old, in fact it was a new shirt that I accidentally spilled something on and could not get the stain out. My sister suggested that I just take a paintbrush to the t-shirt and paint something pretty over the stain.

I am partial to flowers most of the time, so I got out my sketch pad, a palette, some paint and my paintbrushes. I started sketching an idea, decided I liked it, so I put it on my shirt and I am so happy with it! We didn’t get any elk on this years hunting trip, but I am pleased with a new looking Original T-shirt. A photo of the result is below. I have more on my website about the t-shirt http://mymagicbrushes.com/ along with other artwork. Please visit and look around. 

Wishing you Happy Holidays. Blessings Yovette

T-shirt 1

T-shirt 1


Fur Rendezvous is over for 2013, and what a week it was! There were activities all over town, and our Anchorage Senior Center was one of the most active. One of those activities was the Art Snow which lasted a week and I am thrilled to say that I took second place in the oil and acrylic division. My paintings were titled “Cooking Lessons” which took the ribbon, and “Going Home” one of my personal favorites. When the show was over, we had a Meet the Artist day when people could meet and talk with the artists. Great food and Dessert was served. We all had a great time!

Photo of Artwork

Photo of Artwork

Not only did they have the art contest at the center, they also had a seafood buffet, Pioneer Dinner Stories, clothing contests, stamp show, scale model exhibition, swap and shop, and much more. I think it must be the busiest week of the year and one of the most fun!

You can view the painting “Going Home” in progress on my website www.mymagicbrushes.com this week. Just click on the Sneak Peek page. It’s something fun I do so that people can follow my artwork step by step.

Have a blessed day! Yovette


The Old Waterwheel is my Sneak Peek #16. It was great fun doing this painting because it started out as a summer painting with an all green and brown background.Then after the under painting was done, I decided that up here in Alaska, it is winter! So I completely changed my original thought, and it became a winter scene.

You can view this and many more paintings on my website mymagicbrushes.com
Have a blessed day, Yovette

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This Painting was so much fun! It is simply titled “Multnomah Falls”. I was recently in Oregon, and was able to visit the Falls. What an outstanding place! It is located along the Columbia Gorge River just outside of Portland. It is so interesting to view all the paintings there, eat ice cream, or climb to the top of  Multnomah falls. No, I did not climb up there, but other people were doing so. 

There is lush green all around in the summer, and lots of ice in the winter. There is a wide variety of vegetation and flowers. Multnomah Falls is amazing, especially when you are standing down below and looking up. Or, you can stand in the middle on the bridge and view Multnomah Falls both up and down. It is a must see if you are ever in Oregon.

You can view this, and other paintings on my website at:  http://mymagicbrushes.com/ 

Blessings and Happy Holidays, Yovette

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Sneak Peek #14, Buffalo on the Point was a fun painting to do because it was not ordinary. It was not painted on a canvas, it was done on a rock. The finished painting is sitting in my greenhouse in Alaska, a perfect place for it! 

The idea come from being at our summer cabin, and watching the buffalo come down the hills to give birth to their young. They do this every spring and then head back up to the mountains in the fall. There are usually around 50 or more of them.

This painting is done in acrylic, and not for sale. It is just for your viewing pleasure.

I have started a new sneak peek #15 on my website. You can read the story of each photo on the sneak peek page of my website at: http://www.mymagicbrushes.com  

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SUMMER IN ALASKA?  I think not! 

Seems as though it could only happen here! While the lower 48 is having record breaking heat waves and fires, up here we are having record lows and cold. Even standing outside doing my sun dance has not worked…Click to enlarge photos.

Snow in July 1

Snow in July 1

 last winter in Alaska we broke a record for the most snow ever recorded.  Guess the weather guy has not yet figured out that this is supposed to be summer. So much for a beautiful tan this year! Instead of my swim suit, I am wearing my fur parka and Alaska mukluks!

Snow in July 2


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Sneak Peek #13 called Mexican Courtyard is now completed. It was a lot of fun to do this painting. To me, Mexico has always been such an interesting place. My sister and I had the opportunity to visit there many years ago, and we just loved it. There is a beauty there that is different from other places.

Mexican Courtyard was inspired by my good friend Angel. He likes pottery, so I wanted to see if I could incorporate that into something unusual. I found the adobe wall a most interesting subject to paint. Seems like adobe almost always has cracks and pieces falling out of it. I would like to do more of the Mexican courtyard type of paintings in the future. I have some new ideas that I am going to play with.

Mexican Courtyard   18×24   Acrylic   $350

You can read the story of each photo on the Sneak Peek page my website at: http://www.mymagicbrushes.com/

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