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I am Yovette Bronson, previous Alaska Artist, and I want to give you a big warm welcome! I am excited to share with you about my life, my love, and my joy of the art world.

 I am a retired art teacher whose passion is still painting. I just can’t live without it! When I awake in the morning and look outside, I see this beautiful landscape that the good Lord created for our enjoyment and I just can’t wait to transfer it on to a canvas. I lived in Alaska off and on a good part of my life and where my love of  art started when I was a young girl. I have recently moved to Oregon where my home is now.

Mostly I’m a self-taught painter learning from trial and error, watching other painters, and studying books. I did however complete some official training in the late 90’s. That was really just the beginning of my career because no matter how much I learn, there is still more to learn.

 Certified Bob Ross Instructor          Certified William Alexander Instructor

I have a website called My Magic Brushes and between these two sites, you will be able to see my past and current projects. There are a lot of paintings on display that are for sale. I also do something fun on my website called Sneak Peek where I show step by step photos of the project that I am currently working on. I would love to have you visit there and see what I am up to.                       

Comments on: "About The Artist" (3)

  1. Foxy So Cal boy said:

    How did you get to be soooo sexy!?!? Your husband must be a stud to keep you. And talented too!

  2. Jim Johnson said:

    Hi Yo,
    I was thinking of you today. Excellent new pieces. Jim Johnson

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