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The Finished Nativity Scene

Finished Barn Back

Finished Barn Back

Finished Figurines

Finished Figurines

I just had to do this! In my previous post, I showed photos of the Stable and Manger scene that I purchased at a Christmas bazaar. I loved it, but felt it needed my artistic touch. 

I love the difference now in the vibrant change of color and improvements to the stable. I redid everything from saw dust floor to the moss covered roof.
 It was a total makeover and it looks much more real now. 

The biggest transformation was in Painting the figurines delicate faces and was the hardest but most rewarding part. For this I used acrylic paint which worked wonderfully!

Working little by little, day by day, it’s finally completed!
All totaled I have 46 1/2 hours on this project, and it was worth every wonderful minute!

Finished Manger Front

Finished Manger Front

Wishing you much joy and happiness today and every day, Yovette


Comments on: "I Am Not A Figurine Painter, But…" (4)

  1. This will make a wonderful display at Christmas time. It turned out beautiful.

    • Hi Snow, I love the Holidays and leave my displays up for a long time as you know! It turned out so nice, can’t wait to show you for real 🙂

  2. Perhaps continue this as hobby. The right colors, the right brushes(they ain’t cheap) and a steady hand…

    • It does take a steady hand for these delicate small figurines, so it’s a good thing at my age that I can still see and paint! Thank you for the comment Carl.

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