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Away in the Manger…

I was at a Christmas bazaar in December when I happened upon this
second hand Stable and Manger Scene and just fell in love with it, so I purchased it!

Stable Manger Before Front

Stable Manger Before Front

Stable Manger Before Back

Stable Manger Before Back

When I got it home and set it in the corner where I wanted it to be,
the Stable and figurines looked so pale, beat up and washed out.
Being the fixer upper that I am, I decided to give it some life.
I now have 4 Stable and Manger Scenes, but this one is special
and I really want it to shine and stand out.
I have been working on it since January.
I will have the finished product in my next blog. I am really excited about it!
Somehow, a manger scene in a home brings life, warmth and hope!

As always, I wish you a very Blessed day, Yovette

Comments on: "Away in the Manger…" (4)

  1. WOW, you changed your header/page. That was one of my favorite themes. I love the bright rainbow colors. Good job sis!!!

    • Thanks Sis, thought as long as I was changing things, might as well change the blog too! Isn’t it great that we are not locked into something forever. Change is consistent! Love you

  2. Inese Poga Art Gallery said:

    It’s a very good idea, and such creation definitely will add warmth, coziness and pleasure to your place! Being fixer-upper is good thing, too! I’ve noticed, I have more more willingness to make something new from old clothes than to use new fabric. There is some magic in things which have history! Good luck with getting done your project!

    • Oh my gosh, you must sew too! I love sewing. Used to make all of my clothes, and then started making dolls.Haven’t made them for a long time now but they are so cute! Maybe I can find and unpack them, and I will put them on the blog. Happy painting!

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