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Fur Rendezvous is over for 2013, and what a week it was! There were activities all over town, and our Anchorage Senior Center was one of the most active. One of those activities was the Art Snow which lasted a week and I am thrilled to say that I took second place in the oil and acrylic division. My paintings were titled “Cooking Lessons” which took the ribbon, and “Going Home” one of my personal favorites. When the show was over, we had a Meet the Artist day when people could meet and talk with the artists. Great food and Dessert was served. We all had a great time!

Photo of Artwork

Photo of Artwork

Not only did they have the art contest at the center, they also had a seafood buffet, Pioneer Dinner Stories, clothing contests, stamp show, scale model exhibition, swap and shop, and much more. I think it must be the busiest week of the year and one of the most fun!

You can view the painting “Going Home” in progress on my website www.mymagicbrushes.com this week. Just click on the Sneak Peek page. It’s something fun I do so that people can follow my artwork step by step.

Have a blessed day! Yovette


Comments on: "Fur Rendezvous Alaska, Art work 2nd place" (2)

  1. Ironman particularly liked the Indian painting. I did too. The Indian feather was a nice touch. Can’t wait until you come to visit and we can get carried away with more interesting paintings that are the same, only different. Have a happy day! = )

  2. Oh how sweet! Thank you, and I can hardly wait to see you too! We are going to get into such great mischief!!! And of course paint the same only different!

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