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The Old Waterwheel is my Sneak Peek #16. It was great fun doing this painting because it started out as a summer painting with an all green and brown background.Then after the under painting was done, I decided that up here in Alaska, it is winter! So I completely changed my original thought, and it became a winter scene.

You can view this and many more paintings on my website mymagicbrushes.com
Have a blessed day, Yovette

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Comments on: "Sneak Peek #16 The Old Waterwheel" (4)

  1. Pat and Dale Anderson said:

    Love it Yo! Hope winter is being good to you – little snow last day or so, but nice (above zero!) here in KL. See you this spring! 🙂



    • Thank you Pat.., Winter here has been anything but boring. Hot, then cold, and back and forth. The good thing is that there is not a lot of snow this year. At least not yet. See you in a few months. Yo

  2. If this isn’t reminiscent of Rabbit Creek, I don’t know what is. Daddy dearest always though he would build one of these, but it never happened. Beautiful Painting, I love the way it comes to life from one photo to the next. Great job!

  3. You are so kind Snow! And wasn’t Rabbit Creek a kick in our growing up years? Without electricity a good part of the time… A waterwheel would have been a warm welcome! Hugs Cinder

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