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This Painting was so much fun! It is simply titled “Multnomah Falls”. I was recently in Oregon, and was able to visit the Falls. What an outstanding place! It is located along the Columbia Gorge River just outside of Portland. It is so interesting to view all the paintings there, eat ice cream, or climb to the top of  Multnomah falls. No, I did not climb up there, but other people were doing so. 

There is lush green all around in the summer, and lots of ice in the winter. There is a wide variety of vegetation and flowers. Multnomah Falls is amazing, especially when you are standing down below and looking up. Or, you can stand in the middle on the bridge and view Multnomah Falls both up and down. It is a must see if you are ever in Oregon.

You can view this, and other paintings on my website at:  http://mymagicbrushes.com/ 

Blessings and Happy Holidays, Yovette

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Comments on: "Sneak Peek Painting #15 Multnomah Falls" (2)

  1. Having seen the falls with my own eyes, this is a lovely painting that captures both the strength and the beauty of the falls.and surrounding area. Simply Beautiful.

  2. […] Sneak Peek Painting #15 Multnomah Falls. […]

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